Why Should I Play?

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Why should you play the Andy 24? If you knew him, play to remember Andy. If you didn’t, play to honor a guy who was one of the best.

Why else should you play the Andy 24? Play because it is a blast and a unique experience, with hourly raffle prizes, oodles of great food, a sweet shirt included in your entry fee, and a great community of ultimate players, the real question is why wouldn’t you play?

Our intention is threefold:

  1. Have fun playing the games we love,
  2. Honor Andy’s and Michael’s memories by playing the game of Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf continuously for 24 hours, and
  3. To contribute mightily to local charities.

At this tournament you can be as competitive or laid-back as you feel, ’cause not only is there no elimination, everyone actually qualifies to play at the final hour. Also, this tournament is a great opportunity to connect and reconnect with the ultimate community. People you usually play against you get to play with.

Finally, play to help out some good causes. All proceeds for the event benefit local charities including Boys and Girls Clubs and The Compassionate Friends organization which was instrumental in helping Andy’s family after their loss.