Did Someone Say Raffle?

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We have a NEW raffle program for participants – this year, we will have prizes out on display with a ticket basket by each prize and the time that the prize will be drawn.  You can use the complimentary tickets that you receive in your player packs to try and win the prize and when you run out, you can buy more tickets and use them for more bids.  In addition to providing more excitement to the raffle itself, we hope that it will result in players winning the prizes that best suit them.

  • YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN THE PRIZE! IF YOU ARE NOT AROUND, THE NEXT TICKET WILL BE DRAWN. (Note that you still do not need to be present to win one of the grand prize raffles.)
  • As always, the player raffle will be for all participants … both Ultimate and Disc Golf.
  • Players will get their tickets at check-in.  Those signing up for both Ultimate and Disc Golf will get 6 tickets, while those signing up for only 1 event will get 3 tickets.
  • Additional tickets can be purchased for $1 each or 6 for $5.
  • Before the event, a detailed schedule of the times and prizes will be available to everyone.  Additionally, the raffle items will be on display throughout the event.
  • Players will choose the specific raffle in which to enter their tickets.  They can put them all in the same raffle, or split them up among a number of prizes.  Note that this means that players are responsible for holding onto their own tickets, until they are entered for a particular raffle.


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